Enjoy singing but are unsure of all you can do with your voice?

Have a great voice that gets tired or strained?

What is it that YOU want to work on?

Here at The Vocal Academy we will make you feel comfortable singing in front of others while experimenting with your voice. We will start with an assessment to discover your unique strengths. We will then  walk you through the basics of singing: pitch, breathing, register change, range discovery, and MUCH MORE! 
Monthly Tuition:
4 weekly Lessons
30 Mins $300 
We specialize in safe belting and will teach you how to hit high notes without excess tension even if you h​ave a pesky “break” in between your high and low registers.
We can blend these registers so that the listener doesn’t hear the change. This will increase your confidence as a singer, especially on the high notes!
​Monthly Tuition:
4 weekly Lessons
45Mins $400

Professional singers love training at The Vocal Academy! Whether you are currently in voice lessons, the recording studio, or on stage touring. Let us help you with your most prominent issues. You will be able to sing encores night after night on tour. Healthy Technique and Vocal Care on the road is key!
​Monthly Tuition:
4 weekly Lessons
60 Mins $500